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International Filtration NewsJanuary 30, 2023

For 47 years Beverlin has been the leader in perforated filter cores & welded assemblies for companies around the globe. Supporting industries such as Industrial, Aerospace, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Medical and Defense.

We are vertically integrated with the capital and processes to best serve the needs in our niche segment. This allows us to provide our customers with products of virtually any diameter, length, material type, perforation pattern including end margins, thickness and in either straight weld seam or spiral weld seam.

Adding value – we provide our customers with welded assemblies where we make or machine components and provide a fully welded assembly, making things easier for our customers.

Our cores are 100% ready for our customers with surface treatments and finishes such as Wash or Tin Plating, Zinc Plating, Nickel Plating, Passivation, Electropolish, Heat Treatment, Anodize, etc… This allows our customers to take our parts right out of the box and do their filter assembly.

To maintain the highest in On Time Delivery to our customers, we offer Kanban stocking agreements. With stocking agreements, we can provide better value based on volume and better handle fluctuations in material cost.

We are “Customer Fanatics’’ and work to provide unparalleled customer service – such as being an excellent communicator, responding quickly, doing the right thing, even when it isn’t always easy and collaborating with our customers.

Culture is key. All of our employees are united in embracing these values that we hold sacred.

We are blessed with an incredible and devoted team that knows customer satisfaction is paramount.
Our support staff far exceeds others within our segment. If customers are going to entrust us with such critical components and their precious portfolios, they should expect it is backed up by a strong & broad group of professionals rather than a 1- or 2-person skeleton support staff built on a house of cards. We see it all too often.

Beverlin's corporate culture is based on a strong customer-first focus.
These Bricks are Beverlin’s Core Values Beverlin’s Vision is “Built to Last, Right from the Start.” We have built an excellent culture and have an extremely loyal & dedicated team.

Our desire is to be more than a supplier, we want to be a “trusted supplier partner” for life.
For us to succeed, we realize it’s most important that our customers grow and be successful first. We help by embracing a “We could if” approach instead of a “We can’t because” mindset. This creates the most productive environment to achieve a “Win-Win’’ for both our customer and Beverlin by working together.

As a committed partner, we work hard to identify opportunities to lower costs and or minimize cost impacts through VAVE and other means.

On time delivery to our customers is KEY! Having a Supplier that you can count on is more important than it ever has been before.

During the pandemic everyone scrambled. Is your supplier 100% back on top of their game? If not – their problem is now yours and it won’t go away on its own in 2023 & will impact your sales & OTD.

Was you supplier there for you when you needed them most?

Do you really have a working “Partnership’’ with them that you can bank on and grow with?

We have been taking care of our customers & investing in the future For our customers. It wasn’t easy.

We kept all of our staff through the pandemic, invested in equipment when sales were low & now while inflation is high & being willing to significantly grow our inventory to make up for the supply chain. Holding inventory has become crucial to mitigating risk & supporting the customer.

In late 2022 we added:

  • A second facility – giving us 60% more room for Mfg. & Inventory
  • Another Perforating Press
  • A TRUMPF Punch Press
  • Another Spiral Welding Machine
  • And we have more equipment arriving in early 2023 to stay ahead of our customers needs

If you’re seeking a fresh start with a “supplier-partner” for filter cores who will not let you down and offers a full range of process solutions, please contact us at