A robust supply chain is more critical now than ever

International Filtration NewsOctober 3, 2022

Beverlin's corporate culture is based on a strong customer-first focus.During the pandemic everyone learned that if you have the supplied material you need – you can translate that into sales… And when you don’t have product – you don’t have any sales. Everyone scrambled to survive and get stabilized. However, by this time your supply base should be back on top of their game and if they are not, their situation is now your problem, and it won’t go away on its own in 2023.

Be “Intentional & Deliberate” – Review your suppliers’ performance, make sure that your suppliers have the staff, capacity and raw materials to support your needs and growth in 2023 and beyond. Do an onsite audit and capacity review if possible. Look at the data – you may need to strategically source new suppliers.

To be successful during these times hasn’t been and still isn’t easy. It requires doing everything it takes, even when it isn’t easy to do so – such as retaining our staff through low sales, investing in equipment even when sales are low and inflation is high, and being willing to SIGNIFICANTLY grow your inventory (tying up precious cash) to make up for the supply chain. Inventory (both raw and finished goods) have become crucial to mitigating risk and supporting the customer.

Beverlin’s perforated filter cores are available in a variety of materials and finishes.

Looking back… Was your supplier there for you when you needed them most?

Do you really have a working “partnership’’ with your supplier that you can bank your growth on?
The pandemic wasn’t easy for anyone, ourselves included, but we worked VERY hard and did the right things for our customers and our employees, even when it wasn’t easy to do so – truth is, it was extremely difficult. We firmly believe if you do the right things all the time, the right things will happen.
Throughout this time, we have been taking care of our customers and investing FOR the customers.
A huge part of that is taking care of our Beverlin Team. We are fully staffed and adding staff to stay ahead of the growth.

Beverlin Updates:

  • We have just added a second facility, which gives us 60% more room for manufacturing and inventory.
  • We have also added:
    • An additional Perforating Press
    • A new TRUMPF Punch Press
    • An additional Spiral Welding Machine
    • New CNC Part Rolling Machine

If we can be of help, please give us a call.

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